eTail East 2017

August 14 - 17, 2017

The Sheraton, Boston


 Ashley Serotta
Ashley Serotta VP, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Living proof, Inc.
Ashley Serotta is Living Proof’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, leading online sales, development, email, paid digital media, affiliates, paid search and analytics. For 20 years, her focus has been on the intersection of social, content and eCommerce. In her role at TripAdvisor, she launched Cities I’ve Visited, a top 10 Facebook app. Prior, she oversaw eCommerce programs at both agencies and retailers, including Razorfish, Isobar, Newbury Comics and Tweeter.

The Search, Display & Online Media Summit - Monday, August 14th

3:40 PM Keynote Panel Discussion Remix: Search: The Ever Elusive Target

Search rankings are still very critical to retailers, but how can you stay on top of the latest changes to ensure you aren’t missing out on clicks and sales? Find out how to navigate search challenges and discuss where improvement opportunities could exist for your brand. A diverse group of retailers will address some of the following issues:

How are Google enhancements impacting your business?
If you make a change to your search program, how can you help predict the impact?
How can site extensions potentially hurt you? 
Are they helping your brand to better understand whether certain features are helping you or hurting you?

4:10 PM Case Study: How Living Proof Learned To Love Paid Search

At Living Proof, we knew that mastering paid search was going to be the hard-working foundation to their eCommerce growth. We have been maniacal testers and optimizers and are ready to share our most impactful successes (and a few hair tips) with you including:

-          How to make your campaigns work hardest for you
-          How to stop hemorrhaging budget
-          How competitive (or not) to be for your terms
-          What to do about Bing