eTail East 2017

August 14 - 17, 2017

The Sheraton, Boston


Five Insights into the Omnichannel Landscape

Five Insights into the Omnichannel LandscapeFive Insights into the Omnichannel Landscape
The 2016 eTail East Benchmarking Survey was conducted at the eTail East event, where 98 leaders in multi-channel (58%), pure-play online (35%), in-store only (1%) and other (6%) types of retail were polled to determine the depth of importance omnichannel has for their businesses. This report outlines the five key insights the survey revealed about the omnichannel landscape.

Key topics include:
  • The top metrics retailers are seeing success in
  • How essential omnichannel strategy is to a business
  • The best ways to invest in digital marketing channels
  • Greatest omnichannel challenges facing retailers
  • The most important benefit of omnichannel strategies



As omnichannel adoption grows among retailers in all sectors, retailers who want to remain competitive need a complete understanding of the direction in which the industry is headed, and the existing and future progress of their competitors. By presenting five essential findings, this study answers the following questions that retailers must ask in order to build a successful omnichannel strategy:

How are other retailers currently using omnichannel?
The data shows that retailers are developing an understanding of what types of omnichannel investments bring returns, and that retailers already investing in omnichannel now have strong inclinations for investing even more.

What will the industry look like in the next few years?
By measuring the degree to which retailers invest in omnichannel strategies—and their expectations in considering the business challenges they face—their intentions become clear in terms of how they will invest and what forms of customer engagement they will pursue over the next several years in an increasingly competitive market.

How can retailers compete?
The data reveals not only the current status of omnichannel adoption, but also highlights existing business challenges as acknowledged by retailers, their perceptions of the industry, and their expectations for the future.

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