eTail East 2017

August 14 - 17, 2017

The Sheraton, Boston


Omnichannel Retail Marketing: The Changing Landscape

[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Omnichannel Retail Marketing[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Omnichannel Retail Marketing
Retail brands are tirelessly chasing after a new holy grail: smooth, effortless, and enjoyable shopping experiences across all channels. However, the pursuit of great omnichannel shopping experiences can be difficult, requiring significant investment in new technologies and a shift in strategic focus. Let’s face it; it’s extremely challenging to create consistently great capabilities across desktop sites, mobile sites and apps, social media, and a myriad of other channels.

eTail’s latest whitepaper, created in conjunction with RetailMeNot, highlights how brands are reshaping their strategies and investing in new technologies to create the best possible omnichannel experiences. The paper explores:
 - How mobile is gaining on existing technologies as a key commercial and marketing priority
 - How well brands are using data for personalization and predictive marketing
 - How far along brands are in the adoption of next generation digital capabilities, like programmatic marketing

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Executive Summary

For several years, digital retailers have been focused on uniting their presence across multiple channels, measuring their successes and assessing how their customers relate to them across platforms. The acknowledged reality is that consumers now access brands across a range of devices with the expectation that their experience will be seamless each time. For many retailers, a presence on social media, mobile devices and partner networks is already in place. The calibration of these efforts and implementation of new leading-edge features to enhance the customer experience continues to be at the forefront for brands.

The rising importance of mobile as a platform that influences conversions in all channels, as well as the potential for it to sync with features such as beacons, in-store interactivity and the ability to order online and pick up in-store, have elevated its position among many retailers. Relative to long standing priorities, such as the optimization of email and SEO ranking, mobile still has room to grow. The majority of retail executives feel that mobile is set to grow dramatically within the next 12 months.

Additionally, retail executives acknowledge the role of social media as useful but are less aligned on the ways in which it impacts their brand most—debating whether it is effective for conversions, engagement or both. In general, brands are utilizing analytics to shape their strategies and help allocate resources in order to optimize the platforms they currently have a presence on. Data on traffic patterns, conversions and, eventually, revenues, will be the guiding hand when prioritizing each component of a cohesive, omnichannel brand presence.

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