2018 Media Partners

Official Partner

Internet Retailer
Website: https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/internet-retailer/

Internet Retailer® is the world’s largest publisher in the field of retail e-commerce.  We provide comprehensive e-commerce business intelligence through print and digital channels, including a monthly magazine, research reports and databases, websites, webinars and newsletters. Internet Retailer, launched in March 1999, is the largest e-retailing monthly magazine with 44,500... Read More

Official Research Partner

Website: https://retail.emarketer.com

eMarketer is the authoritative research firm for marketers who need to stay ahead of digital and require credible benchmarks for their decisions.  We deliver customers a comprehensive and definitive view into the state of the digital marketplace, as well as vetted data and insights to support their initiatives. Read More

Supporting Media Partners

Website: https://www.baypayforum.com/

The BayPay Forum, a Silicon Valley-based international network composed of over 14,000 payment and commerce executives, entrepreneurs and investors from thousands of different companies, serves as a forum to connect members in identifying and understanding the emerging trends and innovations in the industry. More details here: https://www.baypayforum.com/ Read More

Barcode News
Website: https://barcode.com/

The BarCode News is a barcoding intensive website with tools, case studies, how-to, a barcode generator, information about UPC codes and much more.  Over 3,000 articles on bar code technology. Read More

Blockchain Industry Group
Website: blockchainindustrygroup.org

The Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is dedicated to promoting the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our global blockchain community.With the support of our 3.8 million social media members, we intend to become the world’s largest, most active and most... Read More

CIO Applications
Website: www.cioapplications.com

CIO Applications is a new generation print magazine focusing on the applications of technology in medium to large enterprises. We focus on the ways in which businesses are leveraging technology to efficiently run their operations, offer new products, and services to their customers and how they maximize their return on... Read More

Website: http://www.cioreview.com/

CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Published from Fremont,... Read More

CIO Outlook
Website: www.retailciooutlook.com

Retail CIO Outlook treads the ever-evolving retail arena by championing, toasting and rewarding the finest achievements of technological advancements. Through a Content platform where renowned Senior technology executives from various businesses share their experiences, Retail CIO Outlook brings out best-in-breed advices and astuteness for the community of technology professionals, outlining... Read More

CMS Wire
Website: http://cmswire.com

CMSWIRE is a popular web magazine published by Simpler Media Group, Inc. Founded in 2003 it publishes daily news, analysis, interviews and best practices focused on Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Social Business and Enterprise Information Management. Read More

CMO Council
Website: http://www.cmocouncil.org

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is the only global network of executives specifically dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries. The CMO Council's 7,000+ members control more than $350 billion... Read More

Website: http://www.crmxchange.com

CRMXchange has developed unique industry insights into the business intelligence and professional programs required for successful operations. Known by our audience as the “event site,” we are experts in Webcast hosting. Visitors to the site can participate in over 100 yearly interactive educational webinars. Register free with CRMXchange to receive... Read More

Website: http://www.crowdreviews.com

CrowdReviews.com is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. CrowdReviews.com... Read More

Website: http://www.dmnews.com/

DMN is the leading provider of digital and data-driven marketing analysis, research, and content. Our core audience is senior marketers who need both deep knowledge of the key marketing strategy issues, and surface-level understanding of emerging news and trends. Our content reflects these needs. We publish long-form articles around topics... Read More

Digital Agency Network
Website: https://digitalagencynetwork.com/

Digital Agency Network (DAN) focuses on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration. DAN is a global network of carefully selected, highly talented, independently operated marketing & advertising agencies with digital DNA. DAN’s mission is to support member agencies’ businesses and enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and effectiveness of the members... Read More

Digital Transactions
Website: http://www.digitaltransactions.net/

Digital Transactions magazine is the only publicationcovering the total consumer electronic transactions market. This is an 87.6billion transactions market, growing at an average of 6% over the last fouryears. Published twelve times a year, the magazine, web sitewww.digitaltransactions.net and weekly email newsletter Digital TransactionsNews reaches over 21,000 subscribers in banks,... Read More

E-Commerce Nation
Website: https://www.ecommerce-nation.co

E-Commerce Nation is the first global cross-border e-commerce community, offering the latest news and expert tips from all over the world. We cover the online retail industry from a global perspective by inviting collaborators to contribute their field experience to our platform through profoundly written articles. While we publish on... Read More

Fierce Markets
Website: http://www.fiercemarkets.com/

From bigbox stores to quick service restaurants, the growth of the retail industry continues to propel the world economy forward. Retailers are one of the largest markets when it comes to investing in technology to run their business. Our retail publications are focused on serving business and technology decision makers... Read More

Find Biometrics
Website: http://www.findbiometrics.com/

FindBiometrics is your leading industry resource for all information on biometrics identification and identity verification systems and solutions. We have the latest daily news from the global biometric and identity management business community, a comprehensive vendor list, informative articles, interviews with industry leaders, exclusive videos, links to biometric associations and... Read More

Global Retail Alliance
Website: http://www.gra.world

The Global Retail Alliance was created for a specific business community aware that you can be successful only if you stay connected and updated with all the markets because of a disruption somewhere in the world can always change the game. A member of this organization knows that a connection... Read More

MECLABS Institute
Website: meclabs.com

Founded in 1997 and based in Jacksonville, Florida, MECLABS Institute is a research institute dedicated to discovering how people make choices. MECLABS has been involved in direct Research Partnerships with retail, ecommerce, and B2B brands since 2001 to help them increase conversion by better understanding their customers. As an institute focused on offer-response... Read More

Mobile ID World
Website: http://www.mobileidworld.com/

Mobile ID World is here to bring you the latest in mobile authentication solutions and application providers. Our company is dedicated to providing users with the best content and cutting edge information on technology, news, and mobile solutions for your mobile identity management needs.From the same minds that brought you... Read More

NFC Forum
Website: http://nfc-forum.org/

The NFC Forum's (www.nfc-forum.org) mission is to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology. The Forum's global member companies are currently developing specifications for a modular NFC device architecture, and protocols for interoperable... Read More

Mobile Marketing & Technology
Website: http://mobilemarketingandtechnology.com/about-mmt/

Mobile Marketing and Technology is an online publication and community dedicated to educating Marketing, Sales, IT Professionals and Executives about the latest mobile phone technologies for marketing and communication. Technology companies, marketing agencies, and Fortune 1000 to small and medium-sized businesses are invited to participate by asking questions to our... Read More

Online Retail Today
Website: http://www.onlineretailtoday.com

Online Retail Today brings together the best daily content from 50 Innovation thought leaders, including Rishi Rawat, Bryan Eisenberg, Steve Dennis and many others. Using the social media signals from the audience, our proprietary curation engine ranks this content so that each of our readers receive the best and most... Read More

Payment & Cards Network
Website: http://www.paymentsandcardsnetwork.com

The Payments & Cards Network is a talent provider consultancy purely dedicated to the payments, cards & commerce domains. We own the biggest specialized network of over 25.000 professionals around the globe. With our international dedicated team of professional consultants, we can connect you to highly skilled payment people, in... Read More

Payments Journal
Website: http://www.paymentsjournal.com

PaymentsJournal is a free, comprehensive online information portal designed to keep payments and banking industry professionals informed through the daily delivery of the latest news, industry blogs, research, case studies, executive interviews and analyst insights. PaymentsJournal is published by Mercator Advisory Group, the leading U.S. payments research and consulting firm.... Read More

Point of Sale
Website: https://pointofsale.com/

The Point of Sale News is now in its 7th year with over 5,000 articles and one million visitors annually, this content based website encompasses all aspects of POS software, POS hardware, links to other resources, a directory of local POS specialists, and an informative blog with case studies and... Read More

Website: http://www.quirks.com

Quirk's is the only monthly print magazine, digital magazine, e-newsletter, iPad and Android apps and online resource devoted entirely to marketing research. Articles are written by industry experts and provide straightforward advice through discussions of research techniques and through real-world project examples. The companion Web site includes directories of research... Read More

Response Magazine
Website: http://www.responsemagazine.com

Response Magazine stands at the intersection of media, technology, and commerce. Response provides cutting-edge content, analysis, and research for professionals in performance marketing. Response tells the stories of leaders responsible for creating and disseminating marketing campaigns, measuring their success, and doubling down on customer satisfaction.  Read More

Retail Executive
Website: https://www.retailexecutive.com/

Retail Executive magazine is the trusted advisor to top retail executives. The magazine helps retail executives scale their contribution to their organizations and customers by being the only industry resource to fuse business strategy, leadership, and innovation with customer experience, value, and delight. Read More

Retail TouchPoints
Website: http://www.retailtouchpoints.com

Retail TouchPoints (RTP) is an online publishing network for retail executives, offering content focused on optimizing the customer experience across all channels. RTP provides an array of editorial opportunities and content designed to guide the retail companies in their quest for long-term success. Focusing on the importance of thinking innovatively... Read More

Retail Wire
Website: http://www.retailwire.com

RetailWire is the retailing industry's premiere online discussion forum. RetailWire goes beyond conventional headline reporting with daily discussion topics worthy of commentary by its "BrainTrust" of industry experts. The results are virtual round tables of industry opinion and advice covering key dynamics and issues affecting the retailing industry. Read More

Target Marketing
Website: http://targetmarketingmag.com

Target Marketing helps professionals navigate multichannel direct marketing with innovative tactics, techniques and solutions. No matter what challenges you face, our thought leaders can offer diverse opinions about what tactics are successful and the best practices to implement them in order to survive and thrive in this ever-evolving world. Read More

The Paypers
Website: http://www.thepaypers.com

The Paypers is the leading independent source of news and analysis for professionals in the global payments industry. Our products are created by payment professionals and cover all significant developments in financial transactions, with a special focus on online payments, online banking, mobile payments, e-invoicing, e-identity and SEPA. The Paypers... Read More

Top SEOs
Website: www.topseos.com

The independent authority on search vendors, topseos.com, evaluates and ranks the top internet marketing companies. Categories ranked by topseos include: search engine optimization, pay per click management, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, and many more. Since 2002, topseos has been a trusted resource for businesses looking to launch or improve... Read More

Total Retail
Website: http://www.mytotalretail.com

Total Retail is the go-to source for marketing, e-commerce, operations and management executives looking for the latest news and analysis on the omnichannel retail industry. A quarterly print issue, daily e-newsletter (Total Retail Report), daily-updated website, and virtual and in-person events offer brick-and-mortar retailers, e-tailers, catalogers, brand manufacturers and retail... Read More

Visibility Magazine
Website: http://www.visibilitymagazine.com

Visibility Magazine, founded in 2007, has become the guide to latest trends in internet marketing. Visibility conducts interviews with CEOs, shares opinions, reviews products, and provides a wealth of information about the movements in the industry. Additionally, Visibility will reach many fringe businesses that may have been contemplating entering or... Read More

Web Marketing Association
Website: http://www.webmarketingassociation.org

The Web Marketing Association is working to create a high standard of excellence for Web site development and marketing on the Internet. Staffed by volunteers, it is made up of Internet marketing, advertising, PR and design professionals who share an interest in improving the quality of Website development and marketing... Read More