eTail East 2017

August 14-August 17, 2017

The Sheraton, Boston


Chip Reno

Senior Advanced Analytics Manager
Chip Reno is a Marketing Data Scientist who built an analytics platform that links all of T-Mobile’s offline data to web and digital marketing activities. He uses omni-channel analytics, attribution modeling, and propensity scoring for website personalization and targeting. By night Chip is a musician for the electronic band Gumshen.

Main Day Two: Digital & eCommerce Transformation Strategies – August 16

4:50 PM Panel Discussion: Tracking Online To Offline Data To Paint A Holistic Customer Picture

Brands are certainly not hurting for data. In fact, they have access to overwhelming amounts of customer data. The issue lies in connecting data points from multiple touch points and integrating third party data as well. Panelists will walk through their experiences with tracking online and offline data and tying it all together. Discuss how to:

Follow the customer across touch-points: tying together in-store CRM, in-store data and email marketing
Store data points by building a holistic customer profile to immediately know what the customer wants
Train in-store associates to be more efficient by leveraging stored data
Understand the relationship between mobile browsing and in-store purchases
Tie together CRM data to understand the customer journey

5:20 PM Retailer-Only Chats And Cocktails (Pick A Table And Grab A Drink)

Relax with a cocktail at the end of the day, and chat with others who share your pain points. You’ll meet other retailers who can give you tons of advice and technology recommendations

Table 1: Are Data-Driven Decisions Really Possible In A Human Organization?
Host: Kylie Beals, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & CRM, Clark’s

Table 2: Hold Your Friends Close…And Amazon Closer
Host: Bob Land, VP, Customer Engagement, Dorel Juvenile

Table 3: Moving From Marketing Analytics To Data Science As A Marketer
Host: Chip Reno, Senior Advanced Analytics Manager, T-Mobile

Table 4: Optimizing Social Advertising With AI
Host: Heidi Maund, Director of eCommerce, Natori

Table 5: Leveraging Customer LTV To inform Marketing Strategies 
Host: Ilona Sobkowiak, Sr. Director, Web Analytics, Vistaprint
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