eTail Boston 2021

February 23-25, 2021



Divinely Discontent: 5 Ways to Meet Your Shoppers Rising Expectations

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what makes consumers feel understood  
  • Observe how consumers judge your product quality 
  • Discover why shoppers abandon your page  
  • Learn how many product images and videos shoppers want  
  • Unearth how to adopt an agile methodology to continuously optimize content


  • Joseph Gaudreau, Senior Director of Global Customer Success at Salsify
  • Andrew Waber, Data Insights & Media Relations Manager at Salsify

2019 eCommerce Leaders Survey Findings

Yottaa has taken insights and wrapped them up in their Second Annual 2019 eCommerce Leaders Survey Report. Register for this webinar and walk away with:

  • 2019’s Top eCommerce Initiatives
  • How much eCommerce sites will be spending on third party technologies
  • Retailers’ plans to change eCommerce platforms this year
  • How site performance impacts online conversions
  • A look back at the 2018 online holiday shopping season


  • Jay Nigrelli, Vice President of eCommerce at Samsonite
  • Beth Moriarty, Vice President of Product Strategy at Yottaa

Next Generation Spend-Management: The Power of AI to Go Beyond Analytics and Truly Optimize Spend

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the different technologies driving more personalized experiences at every stage of the retail shopper customer journey
  • Understand what baseline criteria you should look for in intelligent conversational commerce solutions
  • Hear the strategies of leading businesses leveraging conversational commerce


  • Monica DeSousa, Director of Global Digital Product & Innovation at Mastercard
  • shish Kumar, Head of Digital Innovation at Wynn Resorts
  • Patrick Giusti, Head of Business Development at
  • Ravi N. Raj, CEO & Co-Founder of Passage AI

Customer Loyalty: Leveraging Customer Experience For Success

Key topics include:

  • Optimizing the digital experience and improving customer engagement
  • Assessing which of the customer segments you are targeting are successful
  • Analyzing how many segments and pathways to purchase should be designed
  • Addressing resource challenges to manage segments and pathways to connect on the emotional key points
  • How AI tech is changing the customer journey, and what the real life challenges & constraints are in implementation


  • Andrea Grant, Digital Marketing Director, Cabela's

  • Doug Glazer, Director, Customer Loyalty, Fanatics

  • Mike Olson, Sr. Director, Online Experience, Beachbody

  • Kevin Cochrane, Chief Marketing Officer, BloomReach

Boost the Total Sales Impact of Your Digital Shelf

Key Takeaways:

  • Overcome the challenges facing brands in today’s digital-first shopping environment
  • The features that make compelling product detail pages and other wining digital touchpoints
  • How leading brands create deep product experiences that drive sales and protect consumer loyalty in every channel


  • Jennifer Alexander, Director, Global eCommerce, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care
  • Rob Gonzalez, Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development, Salsify

How Monoprice leveraged AI-driven site search & clever merchandising to increase conversions

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to create a relevant, AI-driven search experience that offers the right results for everything from simple head queries, to complex long tail queries and more
  • Discover how Monoprice uses clever merchandising tactics to highlight products shoppers are most likely to buy
  • Learn how creating a more intuitive site search experience helped Monoprice reduce the path to purchase and increase conversions


  • Nelson Fisher, Product Manager, Monoprice
  • Monal Patel, Chief Product Officer, Unbxd

How Walmart Manages And Optimizes Online Promotions

Key highlights include topics such as:

  • Get insights into how Amazon manages campaign performance
  • Learn how page speed affects user engagement and conversion metrics
  • Find out what causes the most common performance issues
  • Learn how leading retailers are running, monitoring, and optimizingtheir campaigns
  • Discover tools that go far beyond what Google Analytics can tell you


  • Tammy Everts, Senior Researcher & Editorial Director, SOASTA
  • Meredith Wollman, Manager, Customer Marketing,

The Commerce Evolution: Importance of Leveraging Data, Content, and Brand Identity

Key highlights include tips such as:

  • Working with technology partners to centralize customer data within theorganization
  • Identify data collection gaps in the customer journey
  • Leverage process (or lack thereof) information when considering digitalengagement solutions
  • Determine the technologies your organization is lacking, and those thatneed to be implemented


  • Chuck Fishman, Director of Industry Marketing and Development at Acquia
  • Libby Morgan, Chief Client Officer at Optaros
  • Laura Brooks, VP of Commerce at Acquia

Using Site Search to Compete with Amazon: Hear It from a Leading Retailer!

Key highlights include topics such as:

  • What goes into creating a highly relevant site search experience
  • How mid-size retailers canuse site search as a lever to effectively compete with Amazon
  • What search features doshoppers find most useful, including autocorrect, visual autosuggest, synonymand stemmed word searches, dynamic filters etc.
  • How to scale merchandising,to achieve your business goals
  • How to calculate how muchmoney your site search is leaving on the table


  • Monal Patel, SVP & Chief Business Officer at Unbxd
  • Tiffani Frey, Director of E-commerce Marketing at US Patriot

Accelerate Personalization Success with Artificial Intelligence

Key Takeaways:

  • The limitations of traditional segmentation strategies
  • How leading brands are using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver significant conversion lift
  • How AI can enable 1-to-1 personalization that delivers engaging customer experiences that inspire loyal, lasting relationships


  • Maribeth Ross, SVP Marketing, Monetate
  • Zachary Martz, Digital Product and Enhancements, Club Monaco

How to Drive Retail Sales with Smart Content

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for faster and more personalized content marketing
  • Leveraging customer data from multiple channels and marketplaces
  • Creating a more exciting cross-channel path to purchase
  • Smarter methods to get more quality campaigns to market


  • ShiSh Shridhar, Retail Industry Solutions Director, Microsoft Corp
  • Jeffery Parish, Director of Industry Solutions and Marketing, Aprimo
  • Svante Nilsson, VP of Product Marketing, Aprimo