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Six Essential Retail Strategies for Combating Consumer Fraud

Retailers can no longer look at the impact of fraud as simply ‘the cost of doing business.’ Now, identifying fraud patterns, building cases for prosecution, and improving coordination with law enforcement are top of mind for retail fraud professionals. But their success hinges on their ability to identify the partnerships, technologies, and skillsets required to accomplish these goals. This report also explores retailers’ long-term strategies, ambitions, and the means by which they hope to improve fraud prevention methods as they shift to a more proactive security posture.

Retail and Consumer Industry Innovation in 2021

Although the pandemic resulted in significant losses for the retail sector—Forrester predicted a $2.1 trillion loss globally—it also forced retailers to innovate faster. In the coming months, retailers and other consumer-facing organizations will need to gain significant traction in their digital transformations to meet the demands of the fully digitized consumer. In this report, we explore how retailers responded during a time of immense disruption and discover what lessons can be applied in 2021.

How Retail and eCommerce Brands Are Innovating for Success in a Global Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers have witnessed a dramatic shift in consumer behavior. Adapting to this change has been one of the major challenges retailers have had to overcome in 2020. Some challenges they have faced include disruption to the supply chain and the economic hardship of government-imposed lockdowns, causing many well-loved brands across the globe to file for bankruptcy and countless people to lose their jobs. The pandemic has impacted retail businesses that rely heavily on customer loyalty solutions. Now more than ever, there are opportunities for retailers to build and grow their customer base by reimagining how they leverage customer loyalty solutions within their engagement strategy.

The 2021 Retail CMO Report

Retail organizations are striving to meet evolving consumer demands through the deployment of new omnichannel strategies and innovative customer experience (CX) technologies. Within this context, CMOs must meet a new set of challenges and customer expectations. In this report, we explore the perspectives, roles, and strategies of today’s retail CMOs. We share how CMOs are adapting to a changing retail landscape and what technology tools they’re advocating for within the organization to meet business-critical objectives.

Global Social Media Advertising Trends among Retailers in 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers shifted rapidly to digital channels as brick and mortar stores closed their doors for safety purposes. This signaled a massive deployment of digital assets by retail companies, including spending on advertising. Smartly.io and eTail launched a study to determine how retail organizations were spending their marketing dollars on social media advertising. In this report, we explore how retail brands are adapting to disruption and changing consumer habits in the next year.

Lowe's Uses Military Offer To Drive Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

When Lowe’s wanted to acquire new customers and increase their loyalty, it targeted the military—a group whose love of DIY aligned with its brand. It gave everyone in the military community a 10% discount and tied the offer to its MyLowe’s loyalty program. The strategy paid off. The company enrolled millions of veterans into MyLowe’s, doubled the number of in-store military purchases, and kept them engaged. “The engagement rate on our military campaigns is 2-3x higher than other campaigns we are running.” --- Lowe’s

5 Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your D2C Efforts

COVID-19 has disrupted traditional channels and fundamentally changed shopper behavior, putting ecommerce front and center. Consumers have moved online and that’s where they’ll stay. If you’ve shifted customers into your ecommerce channel, that’s a good start. But it’s not the end game. Now you need to earn their loyalty by building a direct relationship and owning the customer experience. These five strategies will help you accelerate your direct-to-consumer (D2C) efforts and spark loyalty that outlasts the pandemic.

Beyond Black Friday: Five eCommerce Strategies to Boost Sales During Non-Traditional Holidays

Retailers invest countless resources to prepare for the traditional holiday shopping season. But non-traditional holidays like Mother’s Day, tax-free holidays, and even ‘Amazon Prime Day’ are reshaping the retail timeline, pushing retailers to change their seasonal strategies. In this report, you will learn how eCommerce retailers are improving the way they understand seasonal and holiday events and sell in those contexts year-round. You will also learn how experimentation, personalization, and automation factor into eCommerce retailers’ seasonal sales strategies.

Global eCommerce in 2020 and Beyond: Four Modern Challenges and Opportunities

As consumers increase the frequency of their cross-border eCommerce purchases, global retailers must face down growing rates of international fraud; simplify fulfillment amidst the proliferation of cross-border fulfillment partners; and better market to local consumers—without disrupting privacy and other regulatory concerns. They must do all this while maintaining business continuity during an unprecedented time of global change and disruption. In this report, we explore how retailers are improving international eCommerce in the face of four major challenges, including fulfillment, payments, fraud, and email marketing.

Evolving Customer Data Strategies Among CDP Adoption in 2020

A customer data platform (CDP) is another iteration in a long line of customer management technologies. It joins a thriving ecosystem of business intelligence software that is already well known to most B2C companies. But it is also a technology that some companies either haven’t adopted or are still attempting to leverage. In this report, you’ll learn how B2C companies in the U.S. and Canada are currently using customer data technology in their efforts to better understand their customers. You’ll also learn how companies are using their CDPs to improve their data management capabilities, their media strategies, their risk and compliance programs, and other initiatives.

The eTail Digital Playbook: Identifying Technologies that Align with Long-Term Customer Preferences

Retailers must determine the best balance of their digital technologies—the right ‘tech formula’ for long-term retail success. But as customer expectations and digital fluencies evolve, retailers need a constant education about what’s working and what’s not in terms of digital customer experience (CX). The eTail Digital Playbook is your real-world guide for long-term digital success. In this report, we measure the adoption and success of new CX tools to identify which digital technologies are all hype and which are business-critical.

2020 Retail Media Report: Embracing Digital Platforms in Consumer Retail

As more consumers than ever turn to marketplaces and shopping platforms, brand manufacturers must adapt in kind. Old strategies relied on wholesale retail and physical brand stores. In this report, we explore the current platform environment to determine how brands decide on which platforms to sell and advertise. Discover the strategies and expectations among B2C brand manufacturers for multichannel marketing, advertising, and sales.

Optimizing UX & Customer Involvement with Data Solutions

For retailers, customer expectations are evolving as quickly as the technologies they must employ to meet them. As personalizing experiences and providing seamless connections between environments grow in importance, retailers must find superior ways to leverage data and produce lasting relationships with their customers. In this report, we explore the impact of data technologies on retailers’ ability to optimize customer experiences and design customer “communities” that facilitate consistently positive outcomes.

How New Tech is Creating Seamless Mobile Shopping Experiences

Fresh for 2019, this new mobile report will show you what your peers are up to in the hot field of mobile commerce. 

eTail Boston Innovation Briefing - June 2019

In our second briefing of 2019, you’ll learn more about what strategies major retailers are currently implementing in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The 2019 eTail Holiday Report: Showcasing Your Brand and Products in New and Novel Ways

Along with mid-summer heat comes the first thoughts towards a season that defines retail success. The holidays may be half a year away, but at eTail we know that savvy brands are already starting to think about their holiday campaigns. That's why we've created our annual Holiday Report, which you can access here! See which strategies your peers are using to make the holidays joyous for their brands. 

Amazon vs Walmart: The Battle for the eCommerce Crown

With Amazon’s stranglehold on the eCommerce market, other online brands are finding it increasingly difficult to compete. But there's an unlikely contender for the eCommerce crown - and it comes in the form of the world’s largest company by revenue, and king of the physical retail space: Walmart. 

Aligning the Enterprise with Brand Identity

In consumer markets, brand identity is a critical—and difficult to define—component of business success whose contributions to KPIs are becoming more quantifiable than ever before. In this report, we ask marketers and creatives critical questions about their approaches to strategy, channels, platforms, and design and how they contribute to a new era in brand decision making.

The eTail Boston 2019 Director's Report

In this Director's Report, we discuss the top 8 industry challenges affecting all retail companies. We also cover how retailers can convert present challenges into opportunities for growth and development with forward-thinking strategies.

eTail Boston Innovation Briefing - April 2019

In our first briefing of 2019, we give a glimpse into how major retailers are finding new paths forward and positioning themselves for success.

Digital Experience Builder Buyer’s Guide

In the retail ecommerce industry, the process of creating digital design assets can be time-consuming and costly. From idea conception to publishing, an interactive design faces many barriers to going live, including access to technical resources and creative compromise. This how-to guide will help you build a business case for investing in a no-code digital experience builder.

5 Reasons You Dont Need A CMS To Create Amazing Digital Experiences

As ecommerce marketers, your time and resources are likely dedicated to the noble cause of building site traffic. From email campaigns, to social media, to SEO, to retargeting ads, all roads (hopefully) lead to your ecommerce site. This is the core goal of every marketing effort, to drive traffic to your site. Which is why there is nothing more frustrating than seeing only a fraction of that hard-earned traffic convert.You know what to do, but your CMS has real limitations that slow you down. What if there was a better way? A way to create immersive experiences that not only drive a higher return on acquisition campaigns, but also drive stronger brand loyalty. You can! Best of all, you can do it without being dependent on your CMS or development resources.

The New Rules of Holiday Readiness

When it comes to the holidays, some things never change—but your customers’ expectations aren’t one of them. If your plans for holiday readiness haven’t changed much over the years, you may miss out on opportunities to increase year-over-year sales during the time you need them most. In The New Rules of Holiday Readiness, you have access to Industry experts as they share insights, strategies, and expectations for the holiday season. You’ll also enjoy our eTail East Holiday Checklist—the best gift a retailer could ask for.

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