With Mobile Adoption Rising and the Arrival of 5G, Retailers Take Fresh Look at Integrated Mobile Experiences

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Mobile commerce is not just transforming digital retail—it is redefining it. For many consumers, mobile now encompasses their entire customer journey, end to end. It’s statistically much more likely that online shoppers will interact with your brand on mobile rather than desktop. By 2022, smartphones will contribute to 90% of digitally-influenced sales, according to Forrester.

As a result, retailers must create more ‘shoppable’ mobile experiences, integrating innovative and immersive formats and features that differentiate them from competitors. Retailers must find new ways to unlock the capabilities mobile provides beyond tablets and desktops, and fuse those capabilities with compelling brand strategies as well. And retailers must prepare for the arrival of 5G, whose high-speed connectivity that will support a new generation of mobile experiences.

Q4 2020 eTail Report: Boosting M-Commerce with Integrated Mobile Marketing

In this 2020 eTail report, we uncover disruptive mobile marketing strategies that will boost the successful m-commerce experiences of the future. Featuring a survey of mobile commerce and mobile marketing retail professionals, we uncover how retailers will use the inherent advantages of mobile platforms to build creative, personalized experiences for their customers.

We explore how their new content and paid media initiatives are contributing to better mobile shopping experiences. Finally, we investigate how new, data-driven technologies and platforms are bolstering smarter mobile marketing and shopping techniques to create a more seamless experience for shoppers.

Access the Report: Available November 2020

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