Cross-Border eCommerce Report: Filfillment, Payment, Fraud, & Email


In 2018, global eCommerce sales reached nearly $3 trillion, where most consumers made at least one international purchase. As a result, cross-border eCommerce is taking over as the key growth engine to B2C trade, making up 20% of all eCommerce in 2019.

International eCommerce is becoming increasingly competitive. Driven by international sales, new markets are introducing retailers to new complexities within familiar problem areas. Specifically, retailers must prioritize new marketing, logistics, and payment processing methods alongside long-term priorities, such as customer acquisition and loyalty, to mitigate risks in these unfamiliar environments.

These challenges will only grow as retailers branch into additional international markets.

Access our Q2 2020 Study, ‘Cross-Border Commerce 2020: Navigating Complexities in Fulfillment, Payment, Fraud Prevention, and Email Marketing

eTail is partnering with the WBR Insights research team for a closer look at how international retailers are facing down these challenges. In our upcoming Cross-Border Commerce 2020 report, we study how retailers are improving international eCommerce in the face of four major challenges—fulfillment, payments, fraud, and email marketing.

We’ll explore how retailers are addressing growing rates of international fraud; simplifying fulfillment amidst the proliferation of cross-border fulfillment partners; and better marketing to local consumers—without disrupting privacy and other regulatory concerns. We’ll also uncover the key strategies and technologies contributing to successful international growth among retailers today.


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