2020 Campaign Intelligence: Building a Lifetime of Value with Your Customers

Access the Report: Available June 2020

Innovations in cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) are transforming marketing strategies for retailers, helping them “better understand their customers, execute brand strategies across channels, and orchestrate offline customer experiences,” Forrester reports. But central to those strategies is a more profound, individualized understanding of customers most retailers are yet to achieve.

In our 2019 Campaign Intelligence report, eTail and the WBR Insights research team uncovered how leading retailers are using ‘campaign intelligence’ to establish a cohesive customer identity across digital and physical environments. We shared how retailers use campaign intelligence to tailor marketing opportunities to their best customers via individual campaigns.

Retailers embrace a campaign intelligence mindset, supported with key technologies

At the time, 58% of retailers had embraced or were developing ID management technologies for specific value-adding campaigns, including discount options and tailoring marketing opportunities to customers in innovative ways.

There is no campaign intelligence without the technologies that support its success. But although our 2019 study did focus on technology, our analysis emphasized strategy and the specific campaigns to which those technologies applied:

“While campaign intelligence success hinges on the technical execution of customer engagement, its purpose lies in improving retailers’ understanding of and closeness with their customers. When retailers can identify customers based on associations, memberships, or affinity, they can do more to improve their experiences, optimize pricing, and even develop custom products for those specific customer groups.”

WBR Insights, Campaign Intelligence: How Retail Marketers Use Customer-Focused ID Management to Increase Satisfaction & Profitability, 2019

Deep Intelligence helps retailers develop a lifetime of closeness with customers

Also in 2019, nearly half of retailers (48%) were realistic in their plans to adopt deep learning that develops its own expertise of their marketing methods, expectations, and goals by 2020. As campaign intelligence technologies become more comprehensive, we have a responsibility to measure their successes and the degree to which retailers are adopting them for long-term customer success.

After all, modern CCCM comprises more than strategies and individual campaigns. It includes the technologies that support “customer data management, analytics, segmentation, and workflow tools for designing, executing, and measuring campaigns for digital and offline channels,” according to one definition. In 2020, these platforms will support more robust and contextual experiences for the entire lifetime of retail customers. It’s our mission to understand the ‘how,’ the ‘why,’ and ‘to what extent’ among retailers.

Q2 2020 eTail Report: Customer Intelligence: Campaigns, Experiences, and Security in the Age of Understanding

WBR Insights and the eTail event series are pleased to announce our second-annual “Campaign Intelligence” report. This year, we explore how ‘customer intelligence’ is helping leading retailers employ exclusive and gated content, ID management technologies, and fraud protection tools to build a more meaningful, trusted customer experience. We will build on our findings from 2019 to understand how retailers are aligning comprehensive platforms to build a lifetime of value with their customers.

Access the Report: Available June 2020

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