Staples Has Evolved into an Essential Digital Partner for Businesses

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Many brands are embarking on large scale evolutions when it comes to the services they offer. Whether that evolution takes the form of a rebrand, a new or expanded product portfolio, targeting a new market, or something else entirely, the need to reassess one’s market is essential to continued success.

Digital transformation is part of this, and many companies are finding new ways to use technology to evolve their business models. However, the truly innovative brands are bringing together technology, strategy, brand, and process to make sure they are taking advantage of every single business opportunity available to them.

This was the tact adopted by stationery brand, Staples when it embarked on its transformation. A process that began with a new logo.


The new Staples logo was designed to be bold and straightforward, to fit with the company’s new direction. The name of the brand in a simple font with a striking silhouette of a staple hammers home the brand message and identity far better than the classic logo.

“Today’s workplace is evolving and so is Staples,” said Chief Marketing Officer for Staples, Marshall Warkentin. “Employees are increasingly looking for a more dynamic environment that is flexible and that recognizes their creativity and constantly changing needs. Our new logo is symbolic of the commitment we are making to our customers: they are innovative, forward-thinking problem-solvers, and it’s important for them to know that we are, too. Our solutions for Worklife extend well beyond business essentials.”

Worklife is the name Staples has given to a new outlook which sees work as more than just a job or a means to an end, but a career which is driven by purpose, people, and fulfillment. It is this new outlook which has led Staples to embark on a program of transformation in its delivery and digital spaces.

Staples wants this side of its business to help professionals develop their workplaces into more productive and connected locations, and to supply the products and services which inspire them to produce their best work.

“Our customers have a passion for making their workplace the best it can be,” said Staples Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Douglas. “At Staples, we share that passion. Worklife fulfillment is about helping businesses of all sizes as they create the most dynamic and productive work environments for their teams. Our customers deserve more than just an algorithm for ordering products for their business. They are creative, collaborative, idea-driven professionals, and the go-to person for their workplace.”

Staples has also introduced new ranges of independent product brands available through its online portals to support this new ethos.

  • TRU RED™: Thoughtfully designed business essentials to help teams work, create and innovate better such as pens, notebooks, shredders, organizational accessories, and more
  • NXT Technologies™: Technology solutions that keep teams connected and productive – wherever work takes them
  • Coastwide Professional™: Professional-grade facility supplies that are built to spec for no wasted product or labor
  • Union & Scale™: Furniture and décor collections that work together in perfect harmony
  • Perk™: Quality breakroom essentials with just the right touch of personality

These products have been created in collaboration with designers and customers to develop products that fulfill actual business needs as well as being stylish and desirable.


Staples is also looking to further support the backbone of business by expanding its offering into the world of third-party logistics. This has begun with the consolidation of its six warehouses across the UK and Ireland into a single next-generation facility. This new logistics center is an impressive structure and is packed to the rafters with the very latest in Industry 4.0 technology.

“About 70% of our operations are automated, so we use Pick to Belt and Pick to Light solutions,” said Supply Chain Director at Staples UK, Kevin Lewis. “On top of this, we also have implemented an order, storage and retrieval (OSR) system by KNAPP. It was a nine-million-pound investment just for the picking tower alone, but by using the full height of the building we can be much more efficient. It also allows people to pick economically; adjustable platforms mean that people don’t have to reach or bend down to pick up items. Instead, they can pick from a height that’s comfortable for them.”

Staples has already won over big-name clients like Adidas and car servicing and repair company Kwik Fit, proving that it is an attractive proposition for businesses, whichever products and services they require to take their brands to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Staples focusing more intensely on providing a support network for other brands is a brilliant one. Through an expanded and digital product and service catalogs, Staples is setting itself up as an indispensable digital partner which is ideally positioned to keep business moving forward.

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