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At eTail, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular whitepapers and case studies.

What Amazon's Whole Foods Purchase Means for the Future of Retail

The immediate implications for the grocery industry are huge – and there’s more than a whiff of fear coming from retailers.

How Le Tote Created its First Influencer Collection Using Customer Data

For Le Tote, servicing customers with extreme personalization has led to retention rates of 94% and year-over-year growth of 500%.

How Walmart Is Harnessing the Power of VR to Train In-Store Associates

Ultimately, the new VR training initiative from Walmart Academy is all about driving customer experience.

Sally Beauty’s Analytics Strategy: How to Better Target Customers

Remaining relevant is more than simply maintaining a presence and an extensive product inventory. 

Here’s How 1-800-Flowers Leverages AI to Streamline the Customer Journey

There is some great technology at play on that streamlines the experience for customers and artificial intelligence is leading the way.

Here’s How Panera Bread Made the Omnichannel Shift with Panera 2.0

Panera Bread’s transformation from a restaurant-only chain into a digitally-powered omnichannel business is what’s putting the company on such a strong growth trajectory.

Here’s How David’s Bridal Leverages Pinterest for Organic Growth

David's Bridal has seen incredible organic engagement since the Pinterest campaign kicked off.

Dunkin Donuts' Mobile Personalization Strategy

Mobile-to-store ordering is just the first step of a larger strategy to improve the brand’s online-offline selling capabilities.

How Wayfair Is Preparing for a VR Ecommerce Future

Some retailers are hedging their bets that VR is simply bound to take off, and are experimenting with the technology now before it becomes mainstream.

M.Gemi Perfects The Showroom

The flagship store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood has been designed to give M.Gemi customers a whole new experience on their path to purchase.

Is Macy's Guiding The Future Of Retail?

One department store that’s carrying the flame for the omnichannel customer is Macy's.

Target’s Omnichannel Two-App Tactic

As strategies go, you don’t get much more (ahem) targeted than Target's omnichannel two-app tactic

Driving ROI and Revenue from Your Mobile Marketing

Here’s how you can drive action from your customers and better achieve measurable results through your mobile marketing efforts.

How to Decide Whether Your Web-Only Brand Should Open a Retail Store

The key factors that your web-only business should take into consideration prior to launching physical locations of your own.

Walgreens’ Omnichannel Prescription For Success

The Walgreens omnichannel approach is quite clearly at the very top of its game.

How Amazon Inspires Buyers to Drive Social Media Revenue

Amazon's Social Media Strategy To Inspire Buyers & Drive Revenue

Bullseye! The Power Of Target’s Fulfillment Strategy

Here's how Target's ecommerce order fulfillment strategy is making waves.

Is Rite Aid the Beacon of Modern In-Store Retail?

Rite Aid has created a balance between simply selling more products and improving the whole in-store shopping experience

Tracking the Evolution of CVS Caremark's Mobile Sucesses

Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of CVS mobile customer solutions.

The Heroic Rise Of Best Buy’s Customer-Centricity Model

Focusing on the customer experience, Best Buy was able to grow its domestic online revenue by 13% overall.

How Home Depot Nails Omnichannel Supply Chain Fulfillment

Home Depot has restructured its whole supply network in order to integrate the experiences of in-store and online commerce.

Sam's Club's Multichannel Customer Experience Strategy

From Scan and Go to endless aisles, to the revamped Club Pick-Up, Sam’s Club is working hard at the customer experience across all touchpoints.

Customers Won't Bother with a Not-So-Omnichannel Experience

Examples of truly great omnichannel moments for customers are not as prevalent as you might think.

How Le Tote Uses Data to Deliver Personalized Fashion-Rental Experiences

This highly-personalized business model has some highly-powered technology behind it.

Kroger’s Customer Science Division Will Put Omnichannel In the Express Lane

A weapon in Kroger’s expanding arsenal is the company’s customer analytics and insight division – named 84.51°

How Starbucks Created an Engaging Mobile Retail Experience

Starbucks has considered the desires of their customers by researching their buying habits and developing a strategy to cater to their customer’s wants and needs.

On a Higher PIRCH: A Customer Experience To Look Up To

Rather than being simply a gimmick, the practically peerless in-store experience provided by PIRCH has actually been created with pragmatism.