eTail East 2018

August 06-August 09, 2018

The Sheraton, Boston


Whitepapers and Reports


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Navigating Channel Disruption and Evolving Consumer Technology

As retailers begin preparations for the 2017 holiday season, retailers must adopt more sophisticated marketing techniques and measure brand perception to drive successful cross-channel experiences in 2018. eTail partnered with IgnitionOne to analyze cross-channel marketing practices based on a survey of 550 leading retail executives. Findings include:

  • 68% of retailers continue to approach marketing on a limited or channel-by-channel basis
  • Personalization and acquiring new customers are cross-channel goals for most retailers in 2018
  • 78% of retailers manage cross-channel advertising in-house

Staying Strong in the Digital Arena: How SMBs are managing risk and reaping rewards

The latest eTail SMB report, produced in partnership with Cogeco, explores just how important e-commerce has become for SMB retailers, as well as the digital threats that they need to understand and prepare for in order to fully prepare for. You'll discover:

  • What are the greatest digital threats facing SMBs
  • Why basic PCI compliance is more complex than you think
  • Steps you should take to maintain a healthy digital presence

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Aligning Customer Content with Retail Success

Aligning Customer Content with Retail Success explores the marketing landscape to identify why user-generated content is emerging as a breakthrough marketing strategy in the industry. Insights include:

  • 50% of retailers identify content like UGC as the No. 1 differentiator of their brands
  • 48% of retailers incorporate UGC in 2017, and 34% have seen an increase in submissions
  • Almost all retailers agree that UGC improves engagement, confidence, feedback and more
  • 100% of mid-market retailers have incorporated UGC into their marketing efforts

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2017 eCommerce Innovation Briefing

In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are accepting omnichannel growing pains, prioritizing customer experience, and reaping the benefits.

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Benchmark Performance Marketing in 2017: How Retailers are Gaining Visibility and Control of Their Marketing Spend

From rapidly growing channels such as mobile, to tried and true email, digital marketing for retailers in 2017 hinges on greater visibility into campaign effectiveness. In order to develop a greater appreciation of where digital retailers must prioritize, as well as the tools they need to be more effective.Read on to see where your peers are investing in greater digital efficiency and the visibility they need to plan for the future.

Driving Cross-Channel Experiences with Intelligent Consumer Data

By building relationships through contextual commerce, brands can enhance their customer relationship efforts and uncover what consumers want as they drive sales. This eTail report provides insights into how enterprise retailers are managing evolving consumer expectations, including:
  • What channels retailers prioritize when utilizing intelligent data
  • Which marketplaces are enabling retailers to learn about consumers
  • How retailers identify shopping patterns before marketing to customers
  • How retailers drive performance with intelligent content strategies

IT’S BEING DONE: How Walmart Drives Marketing Success With Data Science

In this enterprise retailer’s guide to managing and optimizing online promotions, Akamai takes an inside look at key strategies from the marketers at Walmart, including:
  • Taking a targeted, multi-channel approach to marketing
  • Assembling and measuring the success of campaigns
  • Driving higher conversions and more revenue
  • Taking a rigorous “deep-dive” to determine campaign success
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[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Large Enterprises

Thanks to the proliferation of digital commerce channels and new-age technologies, the retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Large retailers with global footprints are under siege by smaller, more agile brands that are seizing competitive advantages wherever they can find them – from more engaging shopping experiences to smoother fulfillment.

Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. Concentrating on large retailers with annual revenues above $500 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with mobile, social, and website optimization.

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